Hammam Arab Baths Granada

Only Bath


  • adult 25,00 €
  • children 20,00 € (up to 11 years)

Enjoy a walk through History while you take delight of our three water rooms and our resting room to make your relax complete. The complete session lasts for one and a half hours. These are the rooms that you will find in the Hammam:

  • Warm room
  • Cold room
  • Lukewarm room
  • Resting room

Bath+Bodywork Massage and Aromatherapy:


  • adult 35,00 €
  • children 30,00 € (up to 11 years)

This complementary service consists on fifteen minutes of a relaxing massage that will make the stress of your diary life disappear.

The aromatherapy is included with the massage: aromatherapy is the art of relaxing, calming the pains, and strengthening the health and beauty by means of aromatic fragrances. These are the fragrances used for the massages:

  • Lavender essence: extremely relaxing.
  • Rosemary essence: will help your blood circulation and your mental clearness.
  • Sage essence: will heal your skin, being an excellent antiseptic.
  • Ylang- Ylang essence: recommended for anxiety.

You can also hire a double session of massage that could last for thirty minutes. Ask for the availability of this service at reception.


  • adults 45,00 €
  • children 40,00 € (up to 11 years)

* All prices include VAT. Children under 5 years are not allowed.

Any booking application should be sent 48 hours in advance.

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