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The Olive Oil Route

Our mission is to immerse you in the culture of extra virgin olive oil through our unique experience.

We start into the Mill where we introduce the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This part of the tour encapsulates not only our production methods and the history of the Mill, but also our family history and deep roots in the Andalucian Olive Oil region.

The Mill is a unique space where you can fully immerse yourself in the entire process: receiving the fruit, cleaning, grinding, shaking and extraction, right through to storing and packaging. You’ll learn about the types of oil we make and the reasons behind each of these selections.

A deeper dive into the industrial and ecological aspects of the Mill further reveal the advanced nature and thoughtfulness behind our methods. Not to mention that the mill itself is a unique and sustainable industrial building and its architecture is worth a visit.

We finish the journey at our tasting room where we sample and evaluate a variety of Omed extra virgin oils and learn basic principles of sensory analysis used by professional olive oil tasters to grade and award extra virgin olive oil.

Details visit

  • Spanish visit: 12.00am. English visit: 10:30 a.m. Duration about 45 min.
  • Guided tour availabe in Spanish, English or German
  • Transportation is required to get to Àcula (Granada)

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