Description of the Visit
Alhambra Regular from Granada

This is a visit "all inclusive" (Guide + entrance fees). We will meet directly in the Alhambra.

This is an all inclusive tour every day. You will discover a unique arab medieval citadel, probably the best preserved in the world, that is also the highest tourist atraction in Spain. We´ll show you the gardens and yards, like the Partal or the Generalife Gardens; the fortress and the dungeons and, of course, the palaces of the sultans, like the Palace of the Lions or the Palace of the Throne. You´ll feel the atmosphere of the moorish culture surrounded by the perfums of the flowers and the murmuring of the water..

If you are not accomodated in Granada, you will also be able to enjoy this visit, as we can pick you up in: Málaga and Costa del Sol, or Seville.

Details of the Visit

PRICE PRICE (VAT included):

Entrance to the Alhambra and Generalife including.
Guided tour by the Granada Official Guides , members of AGIP (Local Association of Professional Guides).
Timing: Approximately 3 hours. Every day.
Itinerary In the Alhambra: Nasrid Palaces, Charles V Palace and Medina, to finish in the Generalife Gardens and Palace.
Groups: 30 people maximum.
Languages: English, french and spanish guaranteed.
How to pay (Secure Paymet): Paying everything in advance, by credit card or bank transfer.
Accommodation: Available here...
More information:

More Information
  • If there was no possibility to make a group in a single language, in some occasions the visit could be carried out in two languages.

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